KP PTI warns of action against PML-N

PESHAWAR (INP): The Pukhtunkhwa chapter of PTI warned action against PML-N in KPK if the practice of unlawful arrests and torture against PTI workers is not stopped. Party leadership, Provincial leadership, Provincial Ministers, MPAs and district leaders have condemned the unconstitutional act of central government by arresting President KP Azam Swati, Vice President Shibli Faraz and other workers.

Secretary General Khalid Masood said that the country is under civil Marshal Law and Nawaz Sharif is involved in protecting a bogus election and bogus parliamentarians and to serve his personal purpose, he has turned police into gullu butts who are acting on directives of PM and not according to the law.

He said PTI workers are being harassed and arrested from streets which are a clear violation of the constitution of Pakistan. The leadership expressed annoyance over the treatment of prisoners and said our workers are being kept without food and water.

MPA Arif Yousuf said this attitude of government is forcing civilians to fight back for their rights. They are being treated worse than war prisoners. On one hand the government says it wants to negotiate with us and on the other they are arresting our workers which clearly reflect the resolve of the government.

A rally of Insaf Youth wing comprising of more than 50 cars started its march Saturday to take part in one nation day in Islamabad. Workers gathered near ring road at motorway tool plaza where five caravans of over 10-15 cars left to Islamabad separately.

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