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KP govt starts grand operation against unregistered Afghan refugees

PESHAWAR: Khyber Pakhtunkhuwa (KP) government has started a grand operation against more than half million unregistered Afghan refugees residing in the province, official sources said.

“The operation is underway in Peshawar and other cities,” the sources added.

October 15 was the deadline given to Afghan refugees for the registration. “Furthermore many refugee families have started to go back to Afghanistan on Thursday after two holidays.”

Around 240,000 refugees have gone back to their country from Peshawar and around the country. “The operation will be headed by police, Frontier Constabulary and Elite Force.”

The operation against the unregistered refugees will be conducted in steps which will be started from Peshawar and extended to the other cities. “The shops, property, cars and other belongings will also be seized under this grand operation after the orders issued by KP and federal government.”

The registered Afghan refugees around the country have been given the deadline till March 2017 to go back to their homeland, whereas since the commencement of operation, more unregistered refugee families have started to move back to Afghanistan because provincial government opposed their extension proposal .

Pakistan has ordered the unregistered Afghan refugees to leave the country especially after the increased terrorist attacks. Numbers of facilitators of those militants were found in the Afghan camps and colonies. Henceforth, it was decided to send them back to their homeland.

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