Killings of journalists

At least two media personnel have been killed in Karachi Tuesday as the largest metropolitan sees a rise in targeted killings once again.

The newsmen have become news themselves after senior journalist Aftab Alam and satellite engineer of a private TV channel were gunned down by unidentified persons.

Just at the time when people were appreciating the ongoing targeted operation against militants in Karachi, targeted killing has surfaced again. But strangely this time journalists and media persons were the targets of target killers. The unidentified gunmen targeted senior journalist Aftab Alam near his residence at North Karachi Eleven Sea area of Karachi when he went out to pick his children from school. In another incident, terrorists opened fire at DSNG van of private TV channel, which left technical engineer Arshad Ali Jafri dead and driver Anis injured.

Massive intelligence network of law enforcing agencies must make a more focused effort to discover who is responsible in mowing down journalists in this fashion. Journalists have been frequently targeted in Karachi in the past decade. It is tragic fact that Pakistan is one of the countries where journalists are working in extreme dangerous conditions. Sadly Pakistan is among the countries where journalists are being killed quite often in their line of duty. Media organizations must put their rivalries aside and form unity in order to safeguard their rights and protection of working journalists. It is crucial that all media bodies, putting aside their internal rivalries, stand together against killings of journalists. Media owners or media channels must also pressurize the government to protect their workers and by doing so prevent the citizens of Pakistan from being denied access to knowledge, which is a basic constitutional right.

It has been witnessed it the past during the sat in of PTI and PAT last year, policemen were torturing the media persons. This trend of torturing media men must be condemned.

Target killing of media persons exposed tall claims of effectiveness of ongoing targeted operation in Karachi against target killers.



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