Khawaja Asif rules out possibility of military intervention

Asif said the government and the army were enjoying cordial relations.
ISLAMABAD :Amid growing political uncertainty in the country, Defense Minister Khawaja Asif has said there was no possibility of any military intervention.

In an interview to Bloomberg, Asif said “I don’t see any possibility of military intervention or any coup.”

“We have complete consensus, complete agreement on foreign policy.” he added.

Asif also said that the government and army were enjoying cordial relations. He dismissed the possibility of military intervention or coup in the present political scenario.

Earlier on Tuesday, the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf chairman Imran Khan rejected the offer made by PM Nawaz to form a judicial commission to probe rigging allegations in general elections 2013.

He demanded the PM to resign before the commission was formed to investigate the matter.

PTI and PAT have vowed to hold anti-government march in federal capital on August 14.

Meanwhile, the government is seen busy in making efforts to prevent the march. According to latest details, Islamabad has been sealed while mobile services are partially suspended. The police have also dug up trenches on the sides of main roads while containers are also being placed to stop the PTI and PAT workers from entering the city. Agencies

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