Keep the beauty of democracy intact

Federal Interior Minister Ch Nisar Tuesday came hard on the PAT and PTI leadership accusing them of damaging country’s economy citing that due to the prevailing situation, hundreds of state of two friendly countries especially the Chinese President has cancelled his historic visit to Pakistan in which important agreements were supposed to be signed.

Regarding Javed Hashmi’s statement, he said he would not comment on remarks of the disgruntled PTI leader, but said Imran Khan attempted to drag army and judiciary into politics which is a heinous crime. He maintained that government has shown flexible in granting permission even when they had reservations to certain conditions but he was told by the prime minister that the protesting parties should be allowed to exercise their democratic right to protest as long as it is within the ambit of the constitution.

He said he has proofs and he shared this information with the military leadership that these people are giving the impression that military was with them in order to advance their agenda.PPP Senator Ch Aitizaz was critical of the government’s mishandling of the Model Town tragedy. He said the police was refusing to listen to the government due to this mishandling. He also condemned attacks on the media saying that this was shameful for Pakistanis.

Aitzan Ahsan said there was truth to what the ‘lashkar’ sitting outside was saying as there was rigging in the elections. He added the Imran Khan’s allegations pertaining to corruption were also correct.He recounted their many sins, from Model Town to administrative arrogance and urged the treasury benches to “do some soul-searching”.

The political turmoil has not only badly tarnish country’s image in the eyes of world community but also embarrassed Pakistanis living abroad.

Pakistani community is also expressing their concern over the ongoing political confrontation which has now turned violent.

Over the last few days, the clashes are continued between the protesting parties’ activists and police that resulted into the death of which precious lives while leaving scores of people including policemen injured.

Most of the expatriate believed that the protests can not enact real change in Pakistan.

It is matter of concern that democratic leaders are not playing by the rules. Violent protests can not be justified while raising the voice against the injustice being meted out to the masses. It is true that for the first time in the history of Pakistan, people have taken to the streets for their rights with a hope that politics of status quo will changed and rulers in particular while the politicians in general will mend their ways when it comes to serve the masses without any distinction.

Country is in dire need for true patriotic leadership who feels the pain of Pakistanis, having a clear vision to steer the country to the road to prosperity and hold accountable to those politicians who only come to power for the sole intention of looting the country in the name of democracy.

The opposition wants transparency in the election process, which the present government is reluctant to provide. Justice has been denied.

The government must set some example to boost its moral and take remedial steps to remove the anomalies in the current democratic system.

Some ministers particularly those belonging to Punjab government have badly damaged the dialogue process and forced the protesting parties to shun the doors of negotiations. The talks were making headway but due to their non-serious attitude, it has become an uphill task for the incumbent government to deal with the aggravating situation.

The cold response on the part of the government turned political issues into street battle and compelled the incumbent government to seek army’ help to defuse the situation. Electoral reforms, cheap and speedy justice, across the board accountability and resolution of masses now vital to pull the country out of political crises.

All stakeholders have to ensure complete overhaul is required to ensure that no one can tamper with the system. Ousting democratically elected government would not resolve the matter. Every politicians have to sit together to devise a comprehensive strategy for overhauling the electoral process before the next elections. Those who believed that the deadlock might result into military intervention should clear their minds that there is no possibility of any such move as army has clearly told that it is not supporting any political party and want democracy to prevail. Army is successfully eliminating terrorists and remained committed to safeguard country’s frontiers. Dialogue is only way out. All stakeholders need to abide by the constitution in order to pull the country out of crises.

The situation in Islamabad is painful for every law abiding citizens particularly for those who have no affiliation with any political parties.






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