Kashmir issue will never be resolved: Abida Hussain

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Kashmir issue will never be resolved because of the deal which former President Pervez Musharraf agreed with India. This was stated by senior politician and former diplomat Abida Hussain while speaking in Roze News program Analysis with Asif. She said that Pakistan should focus on relations with Iran and central Asian countries. The former diplomat also predicted that India will face many internal problems in the coming years.

She said that the recent tour of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif didn’t had any significant importance and the four points that Pakistan had on the agenda were overlooked by the United States. She added that the upcoming visit of Army Chief General Raheel Shareef will prove to be of vital importance.

Commenting on the nature of relations between Pakistan and the United States she said that ideally Pakistan should maintain a balance in its relations with the United States. She added that although there is an anti-American sentiment in the public in Pakistan but we are dependent on the United States not just economically but in terms of military assistance too.

Abida said that Pakistan should strengthen its relations with Iran and the two countries should focus on increasing bilateral trade. She pointed out that Iran has surplus energy which Pakistan can import, while Iran can import agricultural products from Pakistan.

Responding to a question by anchor Asif Mehmood, Abida Hussain said that the ruling Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PMLN) is an anti-agriculture party and will face the consequences in the next general election in Punjab. She hinted that Pakistan-Tehreek-Insaf will prove to be a strong force in Punjab in the next election. Speaking about Pakistan Peoples Party she said that the party has been pushed to the periphery because of Asif Ali Zardari. She said that Sanam Bhutto is the only person who can revive the party.

She added that in the current scenario Pakistan Thereek-e-Insaf is challenging PMLN in urban areas while in rural areas it’s the independents who are giving tough time to PMLN, whereas Pakistan Peoples Party is no where to be seen.

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