Kashmir is on fire

August 7, 2018

Kashmir, paradise on earth with its majestic azure mountains and fairytale valleys, was a land of vibrant colors and captivating beauty. Kashmir was famous for the peace, harmony and spirituality preached by Hazrat Bulbul Shah, Hazrat Mir Syed Ali Hamadani and many other great Muslim saints. But In the last decades the Occupied Jammu and Kashmir, around 700,000 Indian security forces turn their guns on a population of just 9 million, killing, maiming and blinding them mercilessly.

Meanwhile, another attempt to suppress the Muslim residents of Indian occupied Kashmir, the Modi government is attempting to remove provision, ‘Article-35A’ of constitution of State. Article 35-A, which was incorporated in the Constitution by a 1954 Presidential Order, accords special rights and privileges to the citizens of Jammu and Kashmir and bars people from outside the state from acquiring any immovable property in the state.  Article 35-A is a part of the chronology of established instruments of J&K Autonomy Status. It also denies property rights to a woman who marries a person from outside the state of Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir. The provision, which leads to such women from the state forfeiting their rights over property, also applies to their heirs.

It is now clear that by doing away with the Article 35-A, the Modi Sarkar will provide non-Kashmiri people the right to purchase land in the Indian occupied Kashmir however, valley-wide strike is conducted against the alleged attempt to turn the Muslim majority into a minority.

All political parties of IoK have warned that they will close ranks against any attempts to deteriorate this constitutional provision, forgetting their power and ideological battles. Prominent political voices in Kashmir are speaking in unison on the issue, discussing ways and means for protecting Article 35A on political and legal fronts.

India on one side is busy in genocide of Kashmiri which is also highlighted by the United Nations in its report. UN report accused India of having used excessive force in occupied Kashmir to martyr and wound civilians since 2016, as it called for an international inquiry into the accusations of rights violations.

Pakistan welcomes UN stance on Kashmir dispute and Human Rights violation by Indian forces. Pakistan also wants to implement un-implemented Security Council resolutions on Kashmir; however, it is responsibility of the United Nations to help resolve the issue by implementing Security Council resolutions.

It is responsibility of the United Nations to help in resolving the Kashmir issue.  

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