Kashmir in UNSC

August 18, 2019

While welcoming Friday’s United Nations Security Council (UNSC) meeting, Prime Minister Imran Khan said the session reaffirmed past 11 resolutions of the world body with regards to Kashmir dispute. In a Twitter post on Saturday, the premier said, “I welcome the UNSC meeting to discuss the serious situation in occupied Jammu and Kashmir. It is for the first time in over 50 yrs that the world’s highest diplomatic forum has taken up this issue.”

He added that there are 11 UNSC resolutions reiterating the Kashmiris right to self-determination. “The UNSC meeting was a reaffirmation of these resolutions. Therefore addressing the suffering of the Kashmiri people and ensuring resolution of the dispute is the responsibility of this world body,” PM Khan wrote. The United Nations has maintained its stance on the Kashmir dispute between Pakistan and India, and has been following the situation in Jammu and Kashmir “with concern” while appealing both sides to exercise “maximum restraint”.

According to a statement issued by UN on August 8: “The position of the United Nations on this region is governed by the Charter…and applicable Security Council resolutions”, said the statement.  “The Secretary-General also recalls the 1972 Agreement on bilateral relations between India and Pakistan also known as the Simla Agreement, which states that the final status of Jammu and Kashmir is to be settled by peaceful means, in accordance with the UN Charter.”

The UN Security Council members met for 90 minutes amid heightened tensions in the disputed Himalayan region, which has long been a flashpoint between India and Pakistan – the nuclear-armed arch rivals, which have fought two of their three wars over the disputed territory. The 15-nation body heard briefings from Oscar Fernandez-Taranco, the UN’s assistant secretary-general for peacebuilding support, and Carlos Humberto Loitey, the UN military adviser for peacekeeping operations. Pakistan requested the Security Council meeting on 13 August, and it was subsequently called for by Permament Member, China.

The message from PM Imran Khan and Pakistan Army is clear and those not standing with Kashmir cause would be considered as traitors. Muslims in India are fearing while in Kashmir people are deprived of food and medicine. Pakistanis stand with their brothers and sisters in Kashmir. People of Kashmir are fighting for freedom from last 72 years and it is their right to get independence. Those who are struggling for freedom are freedom fighters not the terrorists, adding that final decision remains in the hands of freedom fighters. Muslims are being targeted and we can only fight by remaining united.

Pakistan wants peace but if war imposed on us then a befitting reply would be given.

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