Kashmir Day

February 4, 2018

By Asif Mehmood

Kashmir Day is being observed throughout the country today. The question is: whether we are observing this day just as a tradition or we are committed to this cause and we really observe this day to show our commitment? Our struggle is confined to merely a lip service or we are determined to shape our policy in furtherance of our desire to liberate Kashmir? Few questions shall suffice to show our commitment and sincerity to the cause of Kashmir.

We have a Kashmir Committee with Molana Fazlur Rehman as its chairman. The question is: Whether Molana is the right person for the right job? Is he the best choice available for this post? Does his political narrative carry any mention of Kashmir? What is his level of attachment with the cause of Kashmir? To what extent has he shown sensitivity to this cause? Has he ever bothered to mention Kashmir as a primary or even a secondary subject in his public gathering? Does he have any acumen to deal with this issue? What is the criterion that he is having this office? Whether the decision has been taken on merit keeping in view the best interest of the Kashmir cause or this is just a political arrangement to accommodate the gentleman?

After the questions of qualification, there comes the question of performance. What is his performance as the Chairman of Kashmir Committee? He is not eloquent in English language how can he argue this case with the international community and foreign delegates? The fact is not denying that even Syed Ali Gillani has shown “No confidence” in him. We don’t know if he has done anything of substance during his tenure. Don’t we have the right to ask a very simple question: What you have done for the Kashmir Cause so far and on what ground you consider yourself entitled for this office?

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