Kalabagh dam, the sooner the better

April 21, 2018

By Asif Mehmood

Hats off to our ruling elite.  It has made the much needed project of Kalabagh Dam controversial. This is an exposure of unprecedented acumen and wisdom. If this is the standard of statesmanship of our ruling coterie I wonder if we need an enemy.

Talk about Kalabagh Dam and witness the anger and madness of the so called nationalist political elite. They even start threatening the existence of the country in case the Kalabagh Dam is constructed. In a sheer rhetoric the project has been given a bad name. Till to date we don’t have a prudent debate on the subject.  What we have is just sensationalism and blind opposition. Kalabagh Dam if built has the potential to be a game changer for Pakistan on following accounts.

  1. It shall provide 3600 MW electricity meaning thereby that we will be having surplus electricity and the dark phase of Load shedding shall be over once the Dam is built.
  2. It shall irrigate 800000 acres of barren land in KPK.
  3. It shall also irrigate 1000000 acres of barren land in Sindh.
  4. It shall provide cheap electricity at the rate of 3 Rupee per unit.
  5. Kalabagh is a natural dam, covered with hills it needs relatively low amount to be completed.

Now this is very unfortunate that such an important project has been politicized. A prudent analysis reveals that all doubts attached to the project are false and baseless.

For example it is said that Nowshera city will be drowned if the Dam is built.  The fact is that Kalabagh Dam is project site is situated 110 KM away from Nowshera. Even if the Dam is full with water Nowshera will be 60 feet above the dam.

There is dire need to address the issue with expert opinion. This is technical issue but unfortunately it has been made a political one. To do or not to do must be decided on the merit.

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