Justice must be served; VVIP culture mother of all ills

The PML-N government is continuously facing all sorts of crises due to the stubbornness attitude on the part of ministers and heavyweight bureaucrats. The killing of one Tahir on the third day of Eid ul Azha no doubt a challenge to ruling party to unearthed the facts and bring to the books to the murderers without taking into account their affiliation to any party. The killing can not be justified as the deceased was carrying ‘meat’ not ‘gun’ while riding motorbike with his younger brother. If the accused did not pose any threatening gesture towards the car reportedly carrying former Prime Minister’s son, then there was no need to shot him to death. The ex PM’s guard was so perfect in killing people that he shot the fire at Tahir which entered into his right eye and exited from back of his head. He would have warned them to stay away from the car or could have shot him in the leg. The practice of providing guards to former Presidents, PMs VVIPs etc must be confided to them but unfortunately, most of the time their family members not only enjoy the protocol but also used to get even with any of their ‘opponents’.

The VIP culture coupled with nepotism have brought bad name to the rulers. Masses have totally lost the faith in the current democratic set up. Now new political turmoil is brewing as the parliamentary parties that unanimously supported PM Nawaz Sharif during joint session, seem to changing their stance.

PPP, JI and ANP have clearly told the government that we did not save the PM but rendered support to uphold the supremacy of constitution and strengthening democracy. PM and his ministers are still claiming that the Parliament represents the voice of 180 million people and it will complete its mandated five year term.

The atmosphere remained tensed till now. Almost every major political party is holding processions to demonstrate their muscles. Heated debates are being made. The politics of character assassination is in full swing. Most of the parliamentary parties are locked in war of words blaming each other for bringing country on the verge of collapse.

The standoff between the government and the protesting parties is again damaging the spirit of democratic norms as it was witnessed that the ruling party and all the parliamentary parties including the opposition are openly siding with the incumbent government and keep insisting that PM would not resign under any circumstances. They again sent a clear message to the protesting parties that their demand of PM’s resignation is totally unconstitutional and unacceptable to the House. While the ongoing tussle is also taking its toll to the bureaucrats who are finding it extremely difficult to perform their duties.

The government officials can not perform their duties as the sit-ins of the protesting parties continued. The situation is getting worst with each passing day and government is being pressurized by the parliamentary to maintain the writ of the law. Most of the politicians are asking the government to continue its efforts in finding peaceful way to end the crises but in the same time they also criticized the government over its failure to deal with the protestors. Parliamentary leaders keep complaining that they are not getting funds for the development of their respective constituencies.


There were complaints that a few thousands protestors have laid siege to the Parliament House and other state buildings and government should take immediate steps to end the siege otherwise it could encourage others to follow the same path.

The PTI and PAT leaders are now not ready to give up. Both are insisting that Prime Minister must resign arguing that they can not get justice from the incumbent government as it would influence the judiciary.

Political stability is the essential requirement for growth of business activities and economic development of the country as no investor would come to invest in Pakistan in uncertain political environment. It is the duty of political leadership of the country to keep the national interest of the country always supreme and avoid any moves that may prove harmful for the country. The poor governance have badly tarnished the image of the ruling parties in the eyes of the common man. The influential are free to kill innocent people and do not have the respect for the law of the land. The incumbent government has to show its impartiality when it comes to providing justice to the masses otherwise people would have no choice but to take the law into their hands as it has been witnessed in Karachi and other parts of the country where enraged people killed the dacoits with bare hands instead of giving into the custody of police. Government must ordered impartial inquiry into the high profile cases to win the confidence of the masses. The VIP culture which is mother of all ills must be brought to an end




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