Judiciary should not be dragged in political disputes: Wattoo

LAHORE (INP): Mian Manzoor Ahmed Wattoo, President Punjab PPP, Wednesday said that it was not appropriate to drag judiciary in the political disputes. Political issues should be resolved by the political parties with the spirit of accommodation rather than resorting to brinkmanship, he added.

He was talking to a delegation of Punjab People’s Youth that called on him under the leadership of Suhail Milk , Coordinator of Punjab People’s Youth.

Wattoo while responding to their questions added that the present crisis was the product of the wrong policies of the present government and therefore it shared the major responsibility for its resolution.

He said that if the PML (N) government had accepted the demands of Imran Khan earlier regarding the opening of the four constituencies of Lahore the present political crisis would have not surfaced in the first place.

He mentioned that the use of brutal force by the Punjab Chief Minister in the Model Town incident killing fourteen PAT workers triggered the wave of anger against the government right across the country. The condemnation of the incident by all sections of society reduced the credibility of the government to the lowest ebb he observed.

The situation further aggravated when the government functionaries refused the registration of FIR against the culprits under the garb of one pretext or another.

He argued that the government would have been on high moral ground if the Chief Minister had resigned over the abhorrent incident. It exploded in the face of his so called good governance of Punjab Chief Minister.

He reminded that the Chief Minister should honour his commitment of resigning from the highest office of the Punjab Government as the Judicial Commission had held him responsible for the Model Town incident.

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