Journalist tortured by police, medical report presented in court

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RAWALPINDI: The Medical Superintendent of District Headquarters Hospital had submitted a report to the Judicial Magistrate PS Rawat that detainee Muhammad Bilal Yamin was subject to torture after being arrest on charges of robbery.  The medical board consisting of four doctors in its report has unanimously said that Muhammad Bilal Yamin was tortured, as many as twelve cigarette burns were found on his chest and lower back. Two severe bruises were also found on his foot however X-rays showed no sign of a fracture. The medical board has concluded in its report with the statement that ‘The medical board is of of the unanimous opinion that injury is caused by blunt weapon and both injuries are of about 48 to 72 hours duration’. The accused Muhammad Bilal Yamin is a journalist and was picked up by police on ‘alleged’ involvement in robberies and kidnapping on Sunday. The Patriot has obtained the copy of the medical report presented in the court.

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