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Joint action to curb terrorism

Leadership of civilian government and top military brass in a high level meeting reviewed the security situation of the state in wake of a terrorist attack on a camp of Pakistani Air Force in Badaber Peshwar. The gory incident resulted in the martyrdom of 30 men who were worshiping in a mosque. At least 13 terrorists have been killed during exchange of fire.

At the meeting, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was briefed on the evidence collected so far as well as the future line of action. It was revealed that terrorists who attacked Peshawar were being controlled from Afghanistan.

Due to the increasing deficit of trust between the two countries, it needs mastery of diplomacy to take up the matter with Afghanistan in an effective manner. On the other hand, after the pullout of US and NATO forces from Afghanistan, situation has further exacerbated and it has become more difficult job for Kabul to take action against militants. As Pakistan is fighting a war against terrorism and terrorists are on the run, Pakistani militants have fled across the border to Afghanistan.

Now both the countries off and on blame each other for not controlling the militants in their parts of the border. Particularly in the recent weeks, relations of both countries have deteriorated following a sudden spike in violence across the border. This has led to the revival of the trust deficit between both countries.

Taking a correct stance Afghan President has condemned the Badaber attack and assured the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif that his government would not allow anyone to use Afghan soil against Pakistan. Now both the countries must cooperate for the elimination of all terrorists without discrimination. Stable Afghanistan would guarantee stable Pakistan and vice versa. Unless both countries cooperate, militancy will remain a thorny issue in the region.

Pakistan-Afghanistan cooperation on both sides is necessary to curb militancy.


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