Joe Biden eyes victory over Trump

January 21, 2019

The U.S. ex- Vice-President Joe Biden, a high-flying figure in the Democratic Party will soon make known his run for the president in 2020. Biden has already said that he’s the most qualified person in the country for being president.  However, Biden’s final decision for participating in the presidential campaigns wasn’t clear. Ultimately, a number of Biden’s followers, including his brother Frank Biden, announced his final decision to run for the general elections. Polls conducted in the United States indicate that Biden is currently more popular than other potential candidates of the Democratic Party in the upcoming elections. Biden is going to face rivals such as Bernie Sanders, Senator from Vermont, and Elizabeth Warren, and even Hillary Clinton and his comments demonstrate that he’s really concerned with defeating Trump. Nonetheless, Biden can’t really depend on the current polls conducted among Democrat supporters. We remember that during the 2008 presidential elections and inside the Democratic Party, Obama had far less chance of reaching the final round of the elections than those like Hillary Clinton. But his successful speeches in states like Iowa and South Carolina led to Clinton’s final defeat and Obama’s victory. Thus, the victory of Biden’s rival candidates in states like Iowa and New Hampshire can entirely alter the equations, and that won’t be to Biden’s advantage. Therefore, Trump’s position on Biden’s participation in the presidential competitions is notable. Trump calls Joe Biden weak and claims that he’s not worried about a potential challenge from Biden; “You know, a lot of people say Biden’s doing OK, but he was always a 1-percenter. He was a 1 percent guy. He ran two or three times, he never got above 1%, and then, Obama came along and took him off the trash heap, and he became the vice president. He’s weak. So, we’ll see what happens with him.” Trump’s words came on the same day that Biden had told some top Democrats that he was certainly running for president. Trump’s wording on Biden’s presence in the U.S. presidential race, mirrors the U.S. President’s annoyance with the country’s former Vice President’s candidacy. Evidently, Trump prefers figures such as Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren to be his potential rivals in the next general elections. However, Trump knows that Biden can challenge his position at the White House by manipulating again on issues such as public medical health insurance plan. On the other side, Trump tries to twist the game into a poignant competition by using unpleasant words against Biden, which suits Trump’s populist personality and approach. Nevertheless, Biden at present has his main focus on Democrats’ inner-party race, and he doesn’t deem direct contest with Trump until he has triumphed in the competition.

Trump knows that Biden can challenge his position at the White House by manipulating again on issues such as public medical health insurance plan.


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