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JIT report sheds light on Maryam’s disclosures

ISLAMABAD: The JIT report contained thorough details of the disclosures that Maryam Nawaz made to the investigation body, who were probing charges of money laundering and the alleged offshore wealth of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.

According to the report, Maryam Nawaz made it clear to the JIT that she was not directly involved in any business nor was she the owner of any offshore property.

Maryam presented the trust deed of the Nelson, Neilson Coomber companies, claiming that she was in possession of the documents in the capacity of a trustee.

She further revealed that when her family was in exile, her brother Hussain Nawaz had married a second time which she came to know about in 2005.

Maryam claimed that Hussain Nawaz wanted the Sharif property to be distributed according to the Shariah law hence he agreed to make Maryam a trustee. The trust deed was signed on February 2, 2006.

She stated that her husband Captain (r) Safdar had signed as the witness on the trust deed agreement. Maryam declared that during her time in exile, she did not travel outside Saudi Arabia for two to three years.

Maryam disclosed that she had gone on a trip to England for medical treatment with her husband for two weeks. She could not recall in which year she undertook this trip.

She further disclosed that during her trip to England, Maryam and her husband stayed at the residences of their relatives and friends. She revealed that whenever she stayed in the London flats before 2006, it was known to her that these flats were not owned by Sharif family.

Regarding offshore companies, Maryam said that she did not sign the documents in England. Maryam said that she had signed on legal documents pertaining to the offshore companies as a representative of Hussain Nawaz.

Maryam stated that she signed the documents on the directions of her brother Hussain Nawaz. Maryam further said that she did not recall when was the last time that she had signed documents related to Nescol, Nielsen offshore companies. NNI

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