JIT in the line of fire

PMLN is really spitting out nuggets of wisdom, abstruseness, sagacity and discernment. Their quality of being wise is unprecedented these days. This time Mr Ahsan Iqbal has nailed it. O my gosh! What an unrivalled acumen this gentleman is having.

The other day chaos broke out after the blaze erupted in the makeshift market. According to press reports at least five hundred stalls and goods worth millions of rupees reduced to ashes by the blaze. The fire rapidly spread as rescue teams and fire brigades reached the scene late. Mr Ahsan Iqbal visited the site with the Mayor of Islamabad and what he said there?

He said Pakistan has suffered 14 billion dollar loss in the aftermath of Panama JIT. I wish I could buy the same magic calculator that calculates so accurately and as obediently as per the desire of its holder. I also wonder who is being blamed for this loss by the minister, Judiciary or the JIT members. Shall any sensible be willing to buy this idea? If a country has to suffer such a huge loss in just few months doesn’t it mean that it is because of the flawed policies of the government? How can you bail out your government Sir? This is not merely a lame excuse this is simply ridiculous.

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