JC findings will lead to transparency in next elections: Imran

Imran KhanImran’s exclusive interview in S.K Niazi’s Sachi Baat

ISLAMABAD: The formation of judicial commission is a great success and for the first time in the history of Pakistan a thorough investigation of rigging allegations will take place this was stated by Pakistan Tehreek Insaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan in an exclusive interview in Sardar Khan Niazi’s program Sachi Baat on Roze News. Imran hinted that re-elections are a real possibility when the judicial commission presents its findings.

Imran said that it was the first ever election in which even the winning party admitted that rigging took place. He expressed hope that the judicial commission findings will lead to far-reaching changes that will ensure that the next elections are free and fair. He said that the current system is flawed and will bring the same faces to parliament again and again. A reformed system will bring people who deserve to be in the parliament.

On S.K Niazi’s question regarding the length of the sit-in Imran said that the long sit-in was successful in many ways. It was due to the sit-in that the ruling party finally agreed on formation of judicial commission. Khan also said that the sit-ins have strengthened the PTI and the party is now stronger than ever. He said that PTI has unmatched street power and if need be they can shut down any city in Pakistan. Imran gave the example of Egypt and Tunisia and said that real change is only possible with street power and PTI has the backing of millions of supporters. He said that through charter of democracy PMLN and the PPP have decided to take turns one by one and the only real opposition is PTI.

On question regarding allegations of former PTI President Javed Hashmi, Imran said that Javed Hashmi himself praised the democratic structure of PTI. He added that he was deeply hurt by Hashmi’s allegations.

Responding to S.K Niazi’s question on Karachi operation the PTI chief said that all parties had agreed to conduct an operation in Pakistan. He said that action against military wings of political parties is commendable and will lead to peace in Karachi.

Imran said that corruption cannot be rooted out form the country as the chairman of the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) is hand picked by the Government. He said rather than punishing people who are corrupt NAB is being used to give corrupt people a clean chit. Imran said that the chairman of NAB in KPK has been appointed after a through process and will soon provide results. He added that corruption will be dealt with an iron fist and no one will be let off the hook even if he or she belongs to his own party.

When asked by S.K Niazi about the massive spending by PMLN on metro bus project Imran strongly criticized the ruling party and said that such projects are only launched to mint money. Imran gave the example of a metro bus project in Indian city of Ahmedabad and claimed that it was completed in one-fifth the budget of the Lahore metro bus project. Khan said that the Rawalpindi project is an even bigger waste of tax payer’s money. The Government should prioritize spending on education and health sector but their priority is only to make money through such projects.




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