Japanese embassy organizes tea ceremony

ISLAMABAD, JAN 22 (DNA) -The Embassy of Japan organized a live demonstration of Chanoyu or Sado (Japanese Tea Ceremony)here at the Embassy premises on Thursday 22nd January 2014 to acquaint the Pakistani people with yet another important facet of Japanese culture and its civilization which is very unique and traditional.

The Japanese Tea Ceremony, also called the Way of Tea, is a Japanese cultural activity involving the ceremonial preparation and presentation of matcha, powdered green tea and the art of its performance is called temae.

Clad in traditional Japanese dress kimono, the wives of Japanese diplomats skillfully demonstrated the Japanese tea ceremony inthe presence of a sizeable gathering.

Ambassador Hiroshi Inomata while expressing his views at the ceremony said Japanese tea ceremony is a very traditional and unique cultural aspect of Japan. He said the act of preparing and drinking the powered green tea is an art which requires many years of study to master.

The Ambassador said the whole process is not just drinking about tea, but is about aesthetic of preparing and serving a bowl of tea from one’s heart.

“The traditional Japanese tea ceremony is more than just enjoying tea; it is a spiritual experience that you would be reminded to respect others, to feel harmony and purify yourself in the tranquility” said Ambassador Inomata. DNA

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