Issues with Tahirul Qadri partially settled: Governor Punjab

PIR MAHAL (INP): Governor Punjab Chaudhry Sarwar said on Sunday that issues with Tahirul Qadri have partially been settled. He is hopeful that negotiations might begin with Imran Khan as well.

Governor Punjab visited the flood victims of his hometown Pir Mahal to distribute Eid gifts and food aid among them.

Addressing the public gathering, he said that the sit-in protests are damaging Pakistan’s economy as the country has suffered a loss of billions of rupees.

He further said that the loadshedding could have been brought under control if dams were constructed, adding that floods could also be prevented.

Speaking about the country’s ongoing political crisis, he said that there is no rule of law or system of justice in the country. He remarked that the electricity production could have been brought down to four rupee per unit in case damns were constructed.

Criticizing the system of justice in Pakistan, he said that the rapists are not arrested and roam around freely. He said that the government is ready to support the people in the times of crisis and that PML-N would go overboard to help the flood-affectees. He promised that the government would make sure that not even a single flood victim is overlooked.

The district administration had tightened the security in Pir Mahal prior to Governor’s visit.INP

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