Islamabad trances out of duty

Atif Iqbal


Free Lance journalist

Era of technology and ease of access on the mediums has made the people of Pakistan very much aware of their political, social and global positioning. Just as the saying goes excess of anything is bad same can be discussed about the use of these technologies. The happenings in Islamabad have literally made people glued to their television screens. Many government officials are taking these sit-ins as their holidays. Neglecting on their duties there are many different aspects on the negative side that can be seen in Islamabad. The city is becoming a jungle with insects of all sorts and specially the Pollen allergies created by the herbs and verges that pollute the capital. People are getting sick and the officials seem busy with something else.

The season can be held responsible for sure, but then again there are people appointed to overcome such cleanliness issues. People are getting on their nerves as the Metro Bus project still lingers on. All the traffic routes have been diverted making the people travel way extra for no good reason. That is on top of the petrol that seems out of hand when it comes to the lower middle class. The roads that have been destroyed to make way for the new Metro project have also made pollution a headache. There seems to be no environmental safety techniques used by the engineers and nor does the administration care for the environment or so it seems.

Capital Development Authority seems to be busy in the sit-ins by Pakistan Awaami Tehrik and Therik e Insaf but even there is no cleanliness or personals seen of the said department. Rawalpindi Development Authority seems to follow the similar path as well. It seems like they are waiting for the political unrest to be sorted out before they start the cleaning of the twin cities. Islamabad is the only capital of Pakistan and it deserves the best of care possible by the responsible departments of state. No matter what the political or social conditions are the cleanliness of Islamabad is a duty that has to be followed unless there is some force who would stop the departments from doing their job and that is highly unlikely.

The reason that even the posh areas of the capital are being neglected by the responsible departments now the manholes are losing their caps and it’s becoming dangerous for the pedestrians and the traffic to cross such paths. It seems that the work oriented staff of the responsible departments are relaxing these days and considering the political issues as their national holidays. It will be very much appreciated by the residents of the twin cities, if the relevant departments pull up their socks and transform the capital in to the grace it deserves.





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