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Islamabad police baton-charge protesting doctors outside PMC

ISLAMABAD: The police baton-charged protesting doctors outside the Pakistan Medical Commission in Islamabad Wednesday afternoon.

A number of doctors who graduated from foreign universities organised sit-ins and protests in the capital demanding that the commission accept their degrees.”We won’t leave unless the commission registers us as medical professionals and doctors, “they demanded. The protestors chanted slogans against the PMC and held placards. “The foreign university I graduated from is recognised by the World Health Organisation but the PMC just won’t accept my degree,” a doctor at the protest said.

On Tuesday, the commission announced that it had blacklisted 17 varsities in Kyrgyzstan and won’t acknowledge the degrees of over 8,000 Pakistani students there. Students have been given a year to either return to the country or get a transfer.The protesters blocked the Srinagar Highway and refused to budge unless their demands were met.Following this, the police baton-charged them fire water cannons at them. Some of them were arrested too.

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