Islamabad in epic confusion

Atif Iqbal


Characterizing democracy, in terms of people’s interests claims that whenever there is confusion on a national level reconciliation becomes mandatory. People of Pakistan have had enough of the dubious statements and the wait for their clarifications. There have been incidents that have pulled back the nation from the verge of democratic development. It is the duty of the government that truth and harmony should be prevailed amongst the whole nation; no matter how small the representations of the minorities are. The condition of Islamabad has been restricted to a stage for the politicized dramas and the federal offices’ almost reprehensible trajectories exposed. Where are the rights of the people that are relying on day to day surviving lifestyles?

The deadlock of the PTI and PAT has made the government to get help from the Chief of Army as a humble moderator. The thought was positively appreciated by the masses. Than the epic bewilderment arose, individually no one is accepting that involvement of the respected personality was their idea. This situation is making the position of the government more controversial. It has almost become unbearable for the people of Islamabad to witness such childish behaviors of the heads of the nation. Why is not a single individual thinking for the greater good of this country? History is witness that the sacrifices have been the key for success in any social and ethical dispute, for Muslims it’s a common belief.

Still, the situation remains as unchanged as it was on day one of the protests. May it be the indifferent approach of the government or the demands of the protestors were too much to ask. Common man suffers everyday, not the employees or the civil servants, nor the politicians. It is the lower middle class that has to pay regularly to survive. They do not have enough savings on their hands to survive months of sit-ins, in the capital. People have children to feed everyday, the road blocks and the unconfirmed situation of the government is certainly not helping the poor of this city or nation for that matter.

As the two weeks have passed with almost hectic and dangerous living conditions in the capital, the uncertainty of the families back home that today something unmerciful may occur scares everyone. It may scare any one in any country if the same situation is replicated in any other country especially the west whom our government speaks very highly of. It is not the issue of these particular two weeks; this problem goes back to almost six decades. One day this issue shall be solved, it would be a decision of the wise to sort out the traditional democracy problems once and for all.



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