Islamabad cries for mercy

Atif Iqbal


Living in Islamabad is very difficult for the middle and lower class as whenever there is any political or social uproar due to security concerns the blockades and checkpoints increase.Further, these constraints increase the mobility issues for the common people bringing into notice that majority middle class people have to travel to earn their living.

The lowest income standards in Pakistan is nearly twelve thousand rupees, in Islamabad alone thousands of people are below this standard. In order to live with dignity and for survival for a common man, the average salary should be around twenty five thousand to thirty five thousand rupees. This salary range would not allow you to enjoy the luxuries of the capital. If these concerns are noted by the government, people are still awaiting solutions.

 The lower class relies upon daily wages. Concern here should be that they don’t have enough money to survive for weeks even days without work. This situation might be restricted to the elite as just an imagination. Practical experiences are being faced by millions of people nationwide. This concern alone is direr than any development need in Pakistan. Educational as well infrastructure reforms and even the social or recreational reforms come after the basic needs of humans to survive. Food and well being is the only fundamental need of Pakistan under the prevalent situation. Sadly, there is very nominal attention has been pain on the very issue. Emergent political forces are trying to get change that is incomprehensible for the lower class.

 The backbone of any country is the working class who pays their taxes on time, other wise they lose their living comforts. Living from hand to mouth, these people work everyday without any planning for their future but surviving the next day. In this situation they don’t have the comfort to fight for any political cause but to feed their children or themselves. Every politician has given dreams of hopes that died with their end of the term of rule. This planned suffering given by the heads of state has become the latent conflict of the people that have no way to express their dislike regarding the situation.

When Islamabad being capital of Pakistani is held as the example for the whole nation, keeping it peaceful with grace of well being should be the duty of government. “Islam Abad” literally meaning that Islam prevails, sadly our capital is depicting something entirely different. It is time that the basics are followed with seriousness of the foundation on which Islamic Republic of Pakistan was built upon.

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