Is New Europe just a dream?

The existence of various security, political, economic and social crises has generated many challenges in the European Union and the Eurozone. These challenges have led to a sharp decline in the popularity of traditional parties in Europe. As a result, nationalist parties have been able to increase their popularity with the public. The activity of the nationalist and extremist groups and movements in Europe has produced a lot of apprehensions among the leaders of the European Union making them uncomfortable. Under such circumstances, French President and German Chancellor are upset about the future of the Eurozone and the European Union. Which direction are the European Union and the Eurozone really moving to? Will the future of Europe ultimately be clear? These are the questions that vex Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel and French president Emmanuel Macron? Chancellor of Germany is still thinking of building a new Europe! Merkel and Macron both speak of a Europe which can withstand nationalism and far-right movements. But the realization of this common dream seems not so easy! Emmanuel Macron has lately stressed the need for building a stronger Europe! The French president insisted that his historic rebuilding of Europe and the Eurozone planned to reunite the EU with discontented citizens after a decade of financial and immigration problems, is urgent, not least to stalk rising far-right parties. But he cannot move without Germany’s agreement. However, the French President and German Chancellor have little chance to face the internal crises of Europe! It is to be noted that the popularity of the French president has considerably fallen in recent days, following the surge in public discontent. And in Germany, Angela Merkel’s coalition government is not well placed, and its popularity had a remarkable decrease during the recent months. As the German and French authorities do not face steady political conditions inside their own countries, perceptibly, this will also naturally reduce their maneuverability in Europe’s equations. An overview of the political situation in Germany and France proves this very well. Definitely, neither Macron nor Merkel have the ability to escort and manage the new Europe as their presence at the head of their country’s political equations is not assured in the near future. Several forecasters believe that Macron will face the same fate as Sarkozy and Hollande and he isn’t going to win the next elections, which is to be held in 2022. Angela Merkel has also said that after 2021, she will not remain the Chancellor of Germany.

So, the target of the French President and German Chancellor of building the new Europe can’t be realized in near future and Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron know it very well.

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