IS is now chasing Al-Surooris

Abdul Rahman Al-Rashed

Extremism has reached unprecedented level in the present time. The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, renamed Islamic State (IS), which has assumed frightening proportions, is now not only threatening the United States and Arab governments but also terrorizing other extremist outfits. It has particularly declared a war against the Surooris, members of a hard-core extremist group founded by Muhammed Suroor Zain Al-Abedin, a Syrian who used to teach math in a Saudi school.
He advocated an ideology refuting the traditional Salafism. Encouraging religious rebellion, he brought about radical changes to the conventional Salafi concept. This group became notorious for its use of takfir (declaring rivals as infidels) against governments and intellectuals or anyone who disagrees with its religious and political views.
This group, which used to terrorize people on websites and elsewhere, is afraid of the IS which considers Surooris as infidels and has issued the religious sanction to kill them.
The Surooris, the Brotherhood and other extremists of their ilk have now started warning people against the IS. Overnight they all have turned against the IS extremism calling it Al-Khawariji party (an outlawed Islamic political group in the early Islamic period) and makes an appeal to the Muslims to take up arms against the IS.
Other extremist groups — no less evil than the IS — now believe that the IS has outsmarted them in its extremist hard-line stance and is speaking in a more disgusting language than they used to do.
IS calls Suroori leaders agents of Western or Arab regimes and accuses them of opposing the implementation of Shariah Law and similar Islamic symbols.
One wonders what makes the Surooris think that their so-called sheikhs, religious scholars and seekers of knowledge are superior to the so-called IS religious scholars and students. Extremism is the same whatever label it may carry. All extremists use takfir against others.
Now the IS has stepped up its battles and threatens to kill other extremist leaders whether they belong to Suroorism or Al-Qaeda. All the non-IS extremists are scared of death threats by IS leaders, which used to be their own weapon against other peace-loving Muslims.
Now they are swallowing the same bitter pill they used to administer to others in the past.
Extremism is a menace that is harming the Ummah. IS is the product of the Surooris’ teachings, which was the product of extremist ideologies before them.
Even though extremist ideology started with small issues, it has now grown up to be a ghoul that threatens to prevent Muslims from practicing their religion peacefully.

Courtesy Arabnews


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