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Irrigation officials report acute shortage of water in River Indus

SUKKUR: The River Indus facing an acute shortage of water presently, quoting the sources at the irrigation department.

“Water scarcity at Guddu Barrage has reached to the extent of 100 pct causing closure of the all off taking canals of the barrage,” sources said.

According to the irrigation department sources, 30 percent water scarcity has been presently recorded at Sukkur Barrage, while water shortage in downstream at Kotri Barrage has reached to the extent of 42 pct, sources further said. Scarcity of the irrigation water in the river have damaging impact over the Kharif crops, sources said.

Overall water scarcity in the canals and watercourses this season also reported downward in Tando Muhammad Khan district where a rotation-based system has been in effect.

Although a weekly system is implemented whenever there is a shortage of water, nowadays farmers are getting their water share after a fortnight or 21 days instead of weekly basis.

The irrigation canals usually receive more water during the Abkalani season when the River Indus brings plenty of water at the end of May or June, which continues to July, August and September.

Pakistan is confronting a threat of severe water shortage in the coming decades due to disastrous shift in its climate. The matter of water crisis seems to further worsen in the future.

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