International Media Conference to kick off on October 30th

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The organizer, Mubeen Rasheed.

The 2015 International Media Conference will kick start on October 30th in London. The conference which promises to be one of the most exciting events of the year is being organized by seasoned journalist Mubeen Rasheed and will be attended by more than fifteen-hundred people including more than-three hundred renowned journalists and anchor persons from as many as 15 countries.

The conference being billed as a game changer will give a platform to the Pakistani journalists to interact and understand the challenges faced by expatriate Pakistanis. Journalists have hailed the vision and immense contribution of Mubeen Rasheed, the organizer of the conference for organizing a unique program for the twenty-lac strong Pakistani community in the United Kingdom. The event which has been made possible due to the dedication of Mubeen will provide a platform of intellectual discussion to the Pakistani community and will at the same time highlight the role of Pakistani media in educating and bringing awareness to the masses.

After opening on October 30th in London, the conference will then move to Birmingham on November Ist and finally to Manchester on November 3rd. The conference will give a boost to the Pakistani community and provide a platform to interact with the journalists that will help in better understanding of the issues at hand.

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