Interfaith harmony

Members of the Christian community staged protest demonstrations in different parts of the country to protest against the blasts by suicide bombers at two churches in Lahore on Sunday.

Leaders of major political parties termed this attack barbaric and shameful act of terrorism. They showed solidarity with the Christian community. Prime Minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif termed the attack on the churches as an attack on the state of Pakistan. He said emotions of anger and grief shown by the Christian community in the aftermath of this tragic incident were natural and strengthen government’s resolve to counter the menace of terrorism. He said his government is committed the resolve of the government to eradicate terrorism and extremism from the country.

It is evident that elements involved in such activities were the enemies of humanity and the country. Miscreants wanted to sabotage the peace of the country but they cannot succeed in their nefarious design if we remain united.

It is a fact that our Christian community has rendered invaluable services to the motherland particularly in the social sector and we consider them as our honour and pride. Pakistan bar council joined Christians run educational institutions and remained close on Monday as a mark of protest to the attacks.

Such attacks have nothing to do with Islam or Pakistan. Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] had provided protection to the lives and properties of non-Muslims living in a Muslim state, and we are bound to follow his commandments. Anti-state elements that want confrontation between different religions try to exploit such incidents to their advantage.

It never happened that mainstream Muslims turned against Christians and vice-versa.

Pakistan belonged to all of us and it was the responsibility of Muslims to provide protection to non-Muslims living here. Muslims are also not safe in Pakistan, but this should not be used as a justification to tolerate attacks on non-Muslims.

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