Inferiority complex, dishonesty fatal disease of our society: Zulfiqar Cheema


ISLAMABAD: Uncertainty, inferiority complex and dishonesty are fatal disease of our society and must be cured. The Sri Lanka is a small country as compared to Pakistan but they have overcome terrorism with courage and fortitude said Inspector General National Highways and Motorway Police, Zulfiqar Ahmad Cheema while addressing a large number of students at NUML University, Lahore Campus. DIG Bashir Ahmad Memon, Regional Director NUML Brig (R) Muhammed Akram Khan and SSP Muhammed Inksar Khan were also present on the occasion.

IG Zulfiqar Ahmad Cheema said that knowledge and Justice is our legacy which has been taken away from us and resultantly, now we have to learn rule of law from Europe and discipline from Japan. Our youth should display high standards of unity and discipline. We should show high discipline in gatherings of marriage and procession so that precious lives could be saved and world would not be given a chance to laugh at us. “Everywhere people ask how I brought improvements in different departments. The answer is Adhere to honesty, fair intentions and strong commitment can achieve even the most difficult target.”

IG Zulfiqar Ahmad Cheema said “the people of Germany and Japan raised their countries from ruins to sublime and now they are among distinguished nations of the world because of sheer determination. Our problems are not much but our youth is victim of uncertainty”. The Inspector General said “Allah has bestowed our country with countless blessings in the shape of hardworking and intelligent youth, four seasons and fertile land which can meet wheat needs of whole Asia. Our doctors and students have shown their brilliance in Europe and America. Our army is one of the best armies of the world.” IG further said that all we have to do is to shun uncertainty, pessimism, inferiority complex and unfair intentions.

IG Zulfiqar Ahmad Cheema advised students to abhor corruption as it is basic cause for destruction of any department. He further advised them to love their country, obey laws, do not follow foreign culture and should feel pride in their own culture and traditions.

The event was attended by hundreds of students who were enchanting slogans of “Pakistan Zindabad”. In the end, Regional Director NUML Brig (R) Muhammed Akram Khan thanked IG Zulfiqar ahmad Cheema for his arrival in NUML, University and presented souvenir to him.

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