Infant boy among three die due to road blockades

INP 15-04LAHORE: As many as three people died on Monday as they could not reach to the nearby hospitals due to the road blockades as Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) shut down of Lahore to demonstrate a protest against the government.
According to the Punjab Health Department, a 17-day-old newborn was being transported to a hospital when she died on way because the ambulance could not pass through the demonstration of protest on roads.
According to Advisor to Prime Minister (PM) on Health Salman Rafique, a 15-year-old boy was on way to a hospital but lost his life before reaching there because of PTI’s protests on roads.
Both, the infant and the boy died in Shahdara area.
He also said that a heart patient lost his life on way to a hospital in a rikshaw at the Joray Bridge.
However, PTI spokesperson Shireen Mazari said that PTI is not responsible for the deaths as the ambulance was carrying a body of a child while PTI demonstration of protests did not hold back other ambulances which were on way to hospitals. INP

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