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Indian non-cooperation reason for delay in Mumbai attacks investigations: Nisar

ISLAMABAD: India’s non-cooperation was the reason for the slow progress in investigating the 2008 Mumbai attacks, said former interior minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan.

“Pakistan is not the reason for the delay,” he said.

Nisar said he is aware of all the case details. He said that the FIA was conducting the investigations. “India is not interested in transparent inquiry,” he said. “Their interest is in political motives.”

According to him, India is not providing Pakistani authorities the relevant case details. “The incident happened in India and they had 90% of the evidence,” he said. “India is exploiting the matter to defame Pakistan.”

“Pakistan was heavily criticized over the Mumbai attacks,” he shared in a statement while referring to former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s recent remarks on the Mumbai attacks in an interview.

“India used the Mumbai attacks for its own despicable plans,” said Nisar. He remarked that he is completely aware of all aspects of the case as he served as the country’s interior minister.

“I say with full responsibility that the delay and slow pace of the Mumbai attacks-related case in Pakistan was not Pakistan’s doing but was a result of non-cooperation and stubbornness by India,” said the disgruntled PML-N member.

Nisar, under whose watch the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) was investigating the Mumbai attacks, said that since the assault took place in the Indian financial capital, it was the Indian government which possessed “90 per cent of the evidence and facts” of the incident.

Nisar also blamed India for showing aggression and refusing to cooperate during the investigation into the case. “The lack of cooperation by India was the biggest hurdle in the investigation. India wasn’t interested in a transparent investigation,” he said.

The attack occurred in India, where 90 per cent of the proofs were present but India refused to share those with Pakistan, Nisar remarked.

“We kept on requesting India to cooperate in the case. We have always cooperated with India over information sharing pertaining to all incidents of terrorism,” Nisar added. NNI

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