Indian extremism

There has been an alarming increase in anti-Pakistan activities in India since Narendra Modi assumed the office of India’s Prime Minister. The continued aggression from elements in India against Pakistan and Pakistani nationals has not only damaged Pakistan’s sincere efforts of peace in the region but has also made it clear to the world that India is a big hurdle in the way of long term peace in South Asia. The uncalled for hate against Pakistan has also ruined India’s so called secular image.

The case of cricket ties between Pakistan and India is an interesting one; Pakistan and India had signed a memorandum of understanding in 2014 that Pakistan would host their next series after India had staged their previous two meetings. However elements in India are wary of both playing in Pakistan and playing against Pakistan anywhere, except India. Pakistan has offered India to play the series in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) which was rejected by India. The fate of the proposed series in Sri Lanka is also unclear.

The opinion inside India is that a series against Pakistan is vital for the Pakistan Cricket Board and without a series against India the Pakistan Cricket Board will be in financial turmoil. Various media outlets in India have started a full blown campaign against playing with Pakistan; opinion pieces are appearing in different Indian publications that have even went to the extent of requesting Indian cricket team players to reject playing against Pakistan even if the Indian Government agrees on a series. The Pakistan Cricket Board should also realize that it should look towards alternate monetary streams instead of relying on a series against India for its financial stability.

The ICC is so far silent on India’s unjustified refusal against playing with Pakistan.




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