India will lead drive to increase regional trade, says Modi


KATHMANDU: Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi told the Saarc summit here on Wednesday that India would lead a drive to increase trade among member countries.

In his speech at the summit, he pledged to reduce his country’s deficit with other South Asian countries and make it easier for goods to cross its borders.

He also vowed to launch a communications satellite dedicated to the Saarc countries by 2016.

Mr Modi called for the establishment of a South Asian university. He said the member countries should use the strength of shared heritage and diversity to encourage tourism within the region.

Indian premier also mentions Mumbai attacks in his speech

Mr Modi pointedly referred to the deadly attacks in Mumbai which occurred exactly six years ago and which led to the collapse of peace talks between India and Pakistan.

“In 2008 we felt the endless pain of lost lives. Let us work together to fulfil the pledge we have taken to combat terrorism and transnational crime,” he said.


The Indian premier said the member countries should ensure that visa is granted immediately to any patient wishing to travel to them.

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