Independence Day amidst political crises

Today Pakistan emerged on the map of the world as an independent nation with the identity Islamic Republic Democratic Pakistan. People of Pakistan on this auspicious day celebrate Independence Day with patriotic zest. People pay homage to the founder of the nation Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and those who sacrificed their lives for the independence of our beloved homeland. Families visit to national monuments and places of national significance, hoist national flag at their homes, shops and monuments at dawn; Official buildings including Parliament House decorated with colorfully lights while streets and houses are to be decorated with candles, oil lamps and pennants, firework shows put together on the eve of this particular day in our history.

Since the independence of our country, it is the first time that masses are afraid of getting out of their homes to mark the day as they used to in yesteryears. First it were the terrorists who forces the past governments to mark the day at Convention Centre, Presidency. The political uncertainty, operation Zarb Azab has created an unseen fear among the masses as what is going to happen at the very day.

Pakistani is passing  a crucial time as the government and the opposition parties are bent upon to mark the Independence Day on the same venue. Fear of clashes seem eminent, the political arena representing total chaotic situation across the country The democracy is in danger due to its negligence regarding the political and public grievances as the present government mishandled the issues with Pakistan Awami Tehreek and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf. The brutal incident of killing of more than two dozen workers outside the head office of Minhajul Quran, could have been avoided using flexible strategies. Using violence put more fuel to the fire and provided more energy to PAT worker to take revenge from the authorities of the killings of their co-workers.

Government should have been moved forward for timely settlement with political parties because state terrorism is not the panacea of all ills faced by the government. The police gardi and containers raaj further exacerbating the situation and Pakistan is falling in abysmal degradation. Politicians should also feel the pain of common people as citizens have to first locate pumps that are open and then endure of hours wait to fill up. The intercity movement of goods and people is strangulated, decisions remain stuck in limbo as the country waits to see how the confrontation between the government and the PTI will end. Although all the parties contributed to the current political uproar but al must find the ways to end the chaos sort of situation. The grievances of Imran Khan are valid and need proper investigation. Prime Minister while addressing to the nation offered a judicial commission based on the judges of Supreme Court to investigate the incidents of rigging in general elections of 2013. Instead of calling for a re-election and demonstrating on the streets, the decent route would have been for Imran Khan to accept the government’s offer of negotiating a way out of the stand-off. He might be thinking that he deserved to win the election last year, but he did not and must accept that reality. He should keep raising voice to strengthen electoral structure but his action should be within the parameters of the constitutions. On the other hand, government should also realize hat they can not snatch the right of freedom of expression and association with any political party and people have the right of demonstrations. Using force to tackle the already angry protesters would not solve the issues faced by the government rather it would bring more violence and uproar by the demonstrations. So what to call the present situation in Pakistan either a welfare state, national security state or chaotic one? At this critical moment the Pakistani leadership should think in a more rational way as on side we are fighting the war against militancy while on another we are facing multifarious problems, political, social, economic, religious and security. What we need is a national consensus for political stability and sense of national coherence. All Pakistanis must show respect to the day of independence especially the present government of Pakistan and political parties. The people of Pakistan have become sandwich in the political tug of war and an impasse among parties, provinces and the national leadership. May Allah pertain peace in Pakistan!

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