Increasing problems for transgender in Pakistan

November 18, 2016


Transgenders, unfortunately a community or group of people which are considered to be a least respectful creature in the whole world and the recent conditions depicts that the only nation which is failed to secure the basic rights of transgenders is Pakistan. Transgenders are harassed in every field of life. People due to their typical mindsets considered them as shameful and disgrace to this society.

There are no proper laws for securing their rights. Even they are not allowed to sit or talk with other humans. They are forced to live away from normal colonies. Even educated people abuse them and consider them not capable of having respect. They are mistreated in markets, organizations and every private or government institutions.

They are not enrolled in educational institutes due to their transgenderism as many of our esteemed and well off families think that they don’t need to be literate because they are only a dark spot for the society and they can’t contribute to the welfare of the society. Even the ones who get educated are not given any jobs. The only option left for them to earn their livelihood is by dancing in local and private parties and through prostitutions.

Unfortunately, our government has failed to provide legalized rights to transgenders in the society due to which they have not given the respect they deserve as a human being and as a part of society. They should be given equal rights, as men and women are given their rights in Pakistan by law. There should be proper quota for their jobs in every private and government sector organizations to encourage them and in order to secure their future. They also have a right to live an ambitious life. They can be future doctors, engineers, scientists, artists only if our government pays a little attention towards them. They can live a respectful and prosperous life if we all cooperate and encourage them by considering them equal.

Saba Mumtaz

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