Increase in accidents

November 22, 2016


With increase in traffic on our roads an increase in accidents is being observed.  One of the most important reasons behind these accidents is the presence of untrained drivers on our roads. Most of drivers on our roads have learnt by hit and trial method and not from any proper driving institutes.  They neither have driving licenses nor proper knowledge of traffic signs and other rules and regulations. Ignorant of all these requirements they are driving, putting their own lives and others lives in danger.

In order to lessen these traffic accidents caused by untrained drivers, our traffic police should increase their checkpoints on roads. Our government should pay more attention to traffic system. Traffic police should be given handsome payments to avoid corruption. Strict punishments should be given so that no one could get a fake license. Besides this our government should arrange free driving camps so that every common person can learn driving.

Anum Ghafoor