Incompetence all around

By the time readers get to read this, the Pakistan team would have started its quest to salvage the grim looking world cup hopes alive against Zimbabwe. Over the past fortnight the Pakistan nation has been left in a state of shock due to the inept performance of the team and the many off-field controversies that the team has faced over that period. There has also been talk of widespread favoritism, corruption and politicization in the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB).

Cricket is a game that even a layman can understand; the cricket-loving Pakistan nation is distraught at the state of affairs in cricket. The frustration of the public points towards another even graver concern. Is the mismanagement in cricket just a solitary case or is this mismanagement and corruption prevalent in every other institute.

A common man may not understand the working of the defense ministry, the education ministry or the health department, but he certainly understands how cricket works. And the problem-plagued cricket team just points towards massive mismanagement of resources in other departments in Pakistan who are away from the public eye.

The recent floods in Punjab pointed towards the apathy of the Government towards any preventive matters; the country incurred losses amounting to billions and also had to deal with the unfortunate loss of life. Tales of corruption and mismanagement are ripe in almost every department yet the Government turns a blind eye towards such matters. Instead the restive population is pacified with eye-catching mega-projects like the Metro Bus project that do little in solving the actual problems the country is faced with.

It will be in the best interest of the country if the poor management of the cricketing affairs leads to a thorough cleansing of every department in the country. The country can’t afford to sit back anymore; action rather than talk is needed to fix things.    


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