Imran went with party’s decision to go to PM House: Shireen Mazari

ISLAMABAD: After Javed Hashmi’s fiery press conference, PTI information department came to play on the front and defended their chief, Imran Khan, by issuing a press release stating that moving towards Prime Minister House was a collective decision.

PTI Central Information Secretary Shireen Mazari said that the PTI negotiating committee decided that the party would not move forward towards PM House and the decision was conveyed to Imran who endorsed it.

The party’s decision was conveyed by Secretary General Jahangir Tareen and Additional Secretary General Saifullah to PAT representatives who said their movement forward would remain peaceful.

Mazari said that on hearing this reassurance, Imran convened a meeting of the larger core committee which endorsed his view that PTI should move forward to the PM House.

Javed Hashmi was the only exception who disagreed, she said, adding that Imran went with the majority’s call.

Mazari said the PTI leadership stands with Imran and the decisions made by him.

Earlier, it was revealed that the veteran leader was unhappy over his party’s decision to join hands with the PAT because he feared it could lead to a violent situation.

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