Imran vows to turn up the heat on Nawaz

KARACHI: Taking a vow to turn up heat on Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif led government to an even higher degree, Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, Imran Khan Friday said he was fighting a war for true democracy.

“We will continue to mount pressure on the government until justice is served”, Khan boomed speaking to a supercharged throng blaring out ‘Go Nawaz Go slogans’ at Nursery Intersection, one of PTI’s above two dozen protest sit-in locations here. The PTI, under its ‘Plan C’ locked down the parts of economic center of Pakistan in a massive show of street power Friday. The PTI top brass was in the coastal city to lead the shutdown.

During his short but crispy address, which was somewhat a disappointment to his supporters who wanted to hear more from their leader, Khan, over and over again, thanked the residents of Karachi for sacrificing a day for the cause of ‘Naya Pakistan.’

The cricketer-turned politician, whose justice party claims the ruling Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz defrauded it out of majority by rigging last year’s polls, said he was sure that a judicial commission would reach the bottom of the issue.

“The commission will unearth the vote fraud without a problem. And we will see the culprits are punished accordingly,” the PTI captain saidGoing forward, Imran Khan, who was on cloud nine with the overwhelming response from Karachi, expressed hoped that Lahore would also come out in his support in the same manner.

PTI’s ‘Plan C’ is the latest round of shutdown protests against the government. Major shopping areas were closed and there was no public transport available as Khan arrived in Karachi to address his party workers, who were holding sit-ins in several locations. Khan has vowed to paralyze major cities around the country as part of his efforts to topple the government, which he accuses of poll rigging. Agencies

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