Imran to go home if ‘vote fraud’ disproved

ISLAMABAD: PTI would call it a sit-in if a nonpartisan inquiry failed to prove the last year’s general elections were rigged.

A statement to this effect was made by Chairman PTI Imran Khan here on Thursday.

“In the event that an impartial investigation conducted by the Supreme Court comes to a conclusion that the 2013 vote was fraud-free we will go home, but I know it’s not going to happen in a thousand years”, Khan said addressing his party’s protest sit-in in Islamabad.

The PTI leader explained that he was not referring to a ‘judicial commission’ the formation of which was announced by the prime minister himself during a televised address to the nation on August 13.

“I am talking about an independent inquiry by the apex court and not less than that. No one should be able to influence the inquiry committee in question”, Khan said while making it even clearer. Agencies

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