Imran threatens to launch next plan if JC not constituted

INP 15-102LAHORE: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman, Imran Khan Monday said Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has only left with only two choices, either to constitute the proposed Judicial Commission or brace himself to face a situation where it will be impossible for him to run the government.
“Mian sb, you have two options. Either set up a judicial commission or it will become difficult for you to run the government smoothly,” Khan said while addressing a gathering of supporters at Chairing Cross in Lahore at the end of his party’s protest sit-ins.
“My next plan is ready if Nawaz Sharif doesn’t come on the negotiating table,” he threatened. He said that PTI was not ready to accept rigged elections.
Imran Khan said in case the JC is not formed his party would have no other choice but to take to the streets. “The JC can be set up within 48 hours,” he added.
He also warned the Prime Minister to come to the dialogue table or else his youth is ready to put into motion his next plan.
Imran Khan once again accused the candidates of PML-N of hiding behind the stay orders, as ‘they are scared of vote recount’. “If the candidates of Mian Sahab have really won the election why do they appear so threatened at the mention of vote recount?” he asked.
He said his party only wants the perpetrators behind ‘election rigging’ to be held to account.
The PTI chief said had anyone stood up against the rigging in elections 30 years ago, it would have save him the effort he was making today to get the system right. “Our protest will pave the way for a transparent democracy in future,” he argued.
Imran Khan reiterated his orders for the defiant workers of his party to respect the media persons. Without the media coverage, he said, the PTI cannot reach its destination. “There should be no disrespect of any woman. We have to protest the media,” he said.
He pledged that he would bring back the looted money while demanding that Rana Sanaullah be sent to jail over murder of PTI worker Haq Nawaz.
Khan said that his party had staged a historic sit-in for 124 days for justice. “Lahore has given its verdict that 2013 elections were rigged,” he said.
He said that the people have realized their rights and entire nation wants justice. “No democratic country let their leaders to have assets in foreign countries. We are here to make Nawaz Sharif and Asif Zardari answerable for their wealth”, he added. INP

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