Imran praises attack on PTV in alleged phone conversation with Alvi

Alvi says phone call recorded illegally

ISLAMABAD: An alleged conversation audio record between PTI chairman Imran Khan and party secretary general Arif Alvi surfaced during PTI and PAT protesters Dharna at D-Chowk and attack on state television. In the conversation, Arif informs Khan that PTI workers have breached the premises of state-run television office, Pakistan Television (PTV). Upon which Khan instructs Alvi to put maximum pressure on the government so that PM Nawaz resigns. Inthe audio tape of a telephonic conversation between Khan and Alvi, Khan purportedly appreciated the attack on state-run television in September last year. “Acha hai, Acha hai….this will put pressure on Nawaz Sharif to resign,” Khan responded in the audio when he was told by Alvi that PTV premises was attacked and its transmission has gone off-air. “You have to put maximum pressure today….,” Khan instructed Alvi. The audio tape has created frenzy in the political scene of the country. In reaction, Dr. Arif Alvi on Friday claimed that his telephonic conservation with party chairman Imran Khan was recorded illegally. He also expressed his doubts that the conversation was edited or forged and was presented out of context. “Even to splice a conversation, ‘to mix & match & patch’ somebody is recording phone calls without legal authority,” Alvi said through his Twitter account. “I resigned from an NA committee when a huge file of telephone conversations was presented. For suspects too there must be a judicial sanction… Am a stickler for privacy of conversations. I resigned on principle…,” he said in his message. The PTI leader said all political parties, including MQM were contacted to join the anti-government protest that lasted for three months in Islamabad to press Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to resign. “We openly requested all parties including MQM at time of Dharna to join us. See talk shows and newspapers to confirm,” he said. PTI leader Imran Ismail has also denounced recording of politicians’ telephone calls. PTI’s Imran Ismail commented on the controversy and denounced recording of law makers’ phone calls. He said that such act should be condemned as it is a breach of privacy. PTI would file petition against the controversial phone call recording in the Supreme Court. PTI leader said that the tape did not prove that the party was behind the attack on PTV. “We vehemently deny that PTI was directly or indirectly involved in any violent activity,” Ismail added. Whereas MQM’s Saman Jafri said that Khan has used foul language against the PM in the audio tape. INP

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