Imran opposes any move to divide Sindh

LARKANA, 21 NOV (DNA) – Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Imran Khan on Friday said he was foreseeing general elections next year and said the youth across the country was ready to form ‘Naya Pakistan.’

Addressing PTI’s large public gathering in Bakrani Taluka’s Ali Abad village near Moenjodaro airport road, Larkana, the PTI chief said ‘Go Nawaz Go’ slogan had now reached Sindh. And soon, he expressed, that ‘Go Zardari Go’ slogan will soon take momentum in the province.

Imran Khan said both the leaders – Nawaz and Zardari – are protecting the status-quo and current shambling governance system of Pakistan for their own safety and interests. He said: “We won’t let Sindh to be divided at any cost” Imran Khan while addressing the public gathering thanked people of Larkana for the warm welcome.

The PTI chief added that Kalabagh Dam will not be constructed until people of Sindh give project the go-ahead. “Kalabagh Dam would not be built as long as Sindhis do not approve,” Khan pronounced. He promised the people he would let people get their rights. “We will ensure lands and other resources to peasants of Sindh”.

Imran vowed support to all minorities of Sindh, including Hindus and Chiristains. He sought people’s opinion whether they were ready for new Pakistan and new Sindh. He stressed upon masses to gear up for November 30 rally in Islamabad.

In a veiled criticism to Sindh Assembly resolution against him, he said he was happy that the provincial assembly passed resolution that implied “Imran is doing something right.” He asked rally participants whether they were getting health facilities, merit in jobs and other fundamental rights in Sindh.

Pakistan Peoples Party has taken six terms in Sindh and they failed to deliver. Will they be able to improve living conditions on the seventh term, he asked. How those leaders could turn Sindh into developed province who were indulged in corruption, ignoring merit in employments and trampling upon rights of the poor people, he questioned.

He said he had arrived in Sindh after waking up people of Punjab and Khyber Pakhtonkhwa. He expressed surprise that recently robbers in Sindh staged sit-in as police were extorting money from the Sindh. “How could people trust police if they were themselves involved in corrupt practices under the patronage of political leaders,” he said.

He said that the PKK police was working in the most transparent manner. He vowed to same fair police structure in Sindh that will protect and facilitate people.

“I will introduce a police system that would protect you like it does in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) and no phony FIRs would be registered,” Imran told the people. He further said police is not functioning properly in Sindh because it is highly politicized. “I challenge, no one can lodge any fake FIR in KP,” he added.

“I promise that we will bring a justice system in Sindh that the poor will be able to stand up to rich feudals without fear. To the harees of Sindh; it is my duty to make sure they are given their due rights, that they are treated as human beings.” vows Khan. He said 6 million children in Sindh were out of schools. He said PTI would address this issue by bringing local government system in the province.

Imran asked why the PPP held LG elections in Sindh. He criticized rulers for privatizing OGDCL for their own vested interests. He said the Almighty Allah has bestowed Sindh with immense resources. PTI chief said huge tonnes of coal reserves were existing in Sindh.

“People of the desert region don’t even know that they were living in a treasure of ‘black gold’.”  On the 100th day of sit-in, Imran Khan invited people to gather in Islamabad on November 30 and ask for our democratic right and warned not to use force against the people. DNA

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