Imran Khan says Leaders should declare their assets

Imran khanISLAMABAD: Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) Imran Khan has said all Pakistanis including leaders should disclose complete details of their assets in country as well as abroad, ARY News reported.

In a message posted at his official twitter account on Friday, Imran Khan said he has been asking leaders to unveil their assets information for so long. “I have consistently demanded that all Pakistanis, esp leaders, should be made to declare all assets abroad as well as tax details.”

In another tweet, Chairman PTI said evidences have proved that elite class of Pakistan has hide their wealth in abroad to avoid tax. “All evidence shows that the ill-gotten wealth accumulated by Pak elite is being sent abroad to avoid taxes & hide their wealth.”

Imran Khan claimed that influential people of Pakistan have their investment in property business in Dubai. “Revelations have been made of Pak elite’s funds parked in Dubai real estate & Swiss banks, while the poor are burdened with indirect taxes.”

“I  have posted a message on official Facebook page of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) exposing reality about investment made  in abroad by the elite class of the country”, he said.

“My statement revealing details of the plundered wealth parked abroad My statement shows details.” Imran Khan, in a message, expressed PTI’s commitment  to serve people. PTI is committed to ensuring that all citizens declare their assets within Pak & abroad; & to bringing back looted national wealth.

Talking to media, Ishaq Dar admitted that the money was transferred to his children, but said it was not sent from Pakistan. “It was a gift for my kids. I have earned it as a chartered accountant and foreign adviser,” he claimed, saying the transfer was properly documented in all government records.

Making counter allegation, Dar said Khan is involved in embezzlement of charity money. “Khan must answer who is financing his sons. He must quit his politics of cheating.” Dar urged Khan to show ‘political maturity’ for resolving issues and reforming the system. DNA

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