Imran Khan congratulates MPAs for ‘resisting lures of money’

PESHAWAR: Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), Imran Khan has congratulated his MPAs in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa for securing majority of seats from the province in Thursday’s Senate elections.

PTI and allies made a clean sweep in KPK with victory of seven Senators, followed by PML-N’s two, and one each by JUI-F, ANP and PPP.

“Congratulations to our KP MPAs for resisting lures of money & voting in Senate elections on democratic principles & Party discipline. Congratulations to all our successful candidates from KP,” Khan said through a recognized Twitter account on Friday.

He claimed his party awarded tickets on merit.

“PTI is the only party that gave tickets on merit & to people belonging to KP province… PTI has shown that if leadership is not corrupt & stands on principles then members of the party will also adhere to the same,” he said on Twitter.

Khan criticized overnight issuance of a presidential ordinance that prompted protest from FATA lawmakers. “The midnight Presidential Ord altering FATA Senate voting hours before election was to begin a familiar tactic of Sharifs to stop fair play.”

“PM Sharif’s lack of seriousness about Senate elections reflected in his sudden visit to KSA on eve of elections after being summoned by King,” he said.

“PTI the first party to raise the issue, denounce vote buying & horse trading that had become acceptable norms in Senate elections. PTI demands that there must be direct elections to the Senate to rid us of the plague of massive vote purchasing & horse-trading,” Khan said in his message on Twitter.


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