Imran for seminary reforms, justice for all

IMRANISLAMABAD: Calling for sweeping Madrassah (seminary) reforms, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader Imran Khan Wednesday pinned the deteriorating socio-politco-economic plight of the country on the politicians, judges, and generals alike reported.

“Pakistan was supposed to become a Islamic welfare state but unfortunately it did not as a small fraction of the population is looting the national wealth since this country came into being in 1947,” Khan told a Ulema-Mashaikh (clerics) convention organized by PTI here.

Khan said that if those 500 elite looters, which were gobbling up Pakistan’s resources, were brought to justice the country would be back on the track to progress per se.

He said the clerics should raise voice against the injustices like that of vote fraud by the means of which the sitting government came to power.

“I have seen a lot of people, who do politics in the name of religion, selling themselves out, but a person of true faith is incorruptible. No one can buy his conscience with money. And Islam is all about justice and not subjugation,” Khan said.

Adding to his statement, Khan called on the government to update the syllabi in Madrassahs (seminaries) on top of providing them with facilities/concessions as at least 2.4 million children were studying there.

“To exploit such huge treasure trove of talent we must add modern subjects like science to their curriculum,” Khan said.

During the PTI clerics convention a resolution to the effect of decoupling terrorism from seminaries was also passed.

“Before taking any action, the government must first come up with hard evidence against the seminaries allegedly involved in terrorist activities,” the resolution said.

Moving forward, he stressed on the dispersed Muslim Ummah to stand united against the West’s condemnable assaults on Islam.

“We will have to put our differences behind to give them a befitting reply for insulting our religion in the name of freedom of expression,” Khan said, adding,” The leaders should warn the French government that Muslims will never tolerate blasphemy in any of its forms and also vow to boycott their products in case such incidents .”

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