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Imran ends NA speech with a street protest ‘warning’

ISLAMABAD: Giving clarification on his offshore company – Niazi Services Limited-, admitted by Imran Khan in London a few days back, PTI Chief said he had bought flat after playing cricket for 13 years. Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman offered himself for accountability asking the government to look into his earnings and investigate whether he has concealed assets and palaces or not.

Speaking in the National Assembly, Imran Khan said, “I played county cricket and was a professional cricketer through the 1970s and 80s. I bought my flat after playing cricket for 13 years.”

Imran said, as a non UK resident he was not eligible to pay tax on the apartment. His apartment was an open knowledge to all. Khan questioned had he ever concealed his asset that was acquired under Niazi Services?

However, he said “I brought money from sale of that apartment back to Pakistan. From 1982 on, all my tax records are available.”

Imran Khan also announced to present all the accounts of Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital (SKMCH) for accountability. He said, “The ToRs that are going to be put forward, I urge you to put SKMCH under it. Investigate all its accounts.”

PTI chief appealed to the government to not bring in Shaukat Khannum hospital in politics as it was serving the poor masses who cannot afford costly cancer treatment.

He also presented himself for accountability on the same ToRs that the Prime Minister will be tried on.He spoke about the London flats of Hassan and Hussain Nawaz and wanted a response from the prime minister.

Imran Khan warned his party will take to the streets if real accountability was not done.

In the beginning of his fiery speech Imran Khan laid down the norms of democracy and what strengthens it.

He said that the basic principle of democracy was accountability. “Democracy has two aspects the government and opposition. The job of the government is to legislate and implement, the job of the opposition is to keep a check on the government. I am only doing my job,” he said.

The Panama Leaks was not something that the opposition came up with. “It is an international issue. A computer was hacked an lots of names came up in the Panama Papers. I am just asking for accountability.”

He said that during his speech in the National Assembly the prime minister alleged that I have a palace in Bani Gala. “My question to you is you are the Prime Minister. You have NAB, FBR, come and investigate my source of income.”

He said that the Prime Minister needs to come up with an explanation for his name in the Panama Papers. “The policy of calling of every one corrupt will not work.”

Imran Khan said that his name was never in the Panama Papers.


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