Imran disappointed over judiciary’s role to unveil rigging in election

Imran KhanISLAMABAD: Chairman PTI Imran Khan has expressed disappointment over role of judiciary to unveil the massive rigging in general election and for its lack of action on election’s fraud.

Addressing the PTI supporters participating in Azadi March against alleged rigging here on Friday, he said that his party has been knocking at every door for the past 16 months for demanding justice regarding vote fraud. “We held celebrations, when independent judiciary was restored after a long struggle,” he said.

He said PTI had played a leading role for the restoration of deposed judges. “I was jailed for 13 days in our struggle for independent judiciary.”

The PTI chief said that former Chief Justice proved to be ‘Mir Jafar’ of judiciary. Khan said that he had been pleading judiciary to open four constituencies for verification of votes. “Under what law, our workers were killed by police. I ask the judiciary under what laws our workers have been arrested by police.” He said PTI has been holding peaceful protest for a month now. I feel no threat from any suicide bomber. I am ready for them.” INP

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