Imran defaulter of agriculture tax, keeps black money in hand

DNA28-22Pervaiz Rashid gives details of taxes paid by PM & Family

Tells PTI chief not to pelt stones at others while sitting in glass houses

ISLAMABAD, Nov 28 (INP): Federal Information Minister Pervaiz Rashid Friday put out in open details about income tax paid by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and PTI Chairman Imran Khan, saying Khan by living in glass house should not throw stones at others. Addressing a press conference here, the Information Minister said there is huge difference between taxes paid by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and Chairman Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaaf Imran Khan. Responding to allegations leveled by Imran Khan about the Prime Minister’s taxes, Pervaiz Rashid said the sugar mills of Nawaz Sharif paid Rs 2 billion, 44 crore, 70 lac, 70 thousand, five hundred and forty-three during 2005 and 2014.  He said the Prime Minister also paid three crore twenty three lakh fifty two thousand six hundred and sixty four rupees as Income Tax and Agriculture Tax. Of this agriculture tax was Rs 66,74173.

Pervaiz Rashid said the family of the Prime Minister including Begum Kalsoom Nawaz and Maryam Nawaz deposited Rs 54,65,24,500 taxes.  He said during 2014 the Prime Minister paid tax amounting to Rs 26,95,912 in addition to Rs 20,42,000 agriculture tax. The total tax paid by the Prime Minister during one year comes to Rs 47,38,753. The information minister said during this period, Imran Khan who lives like King having three palatial houses paid a meagre amount of Rs 1,94,939 as income tax.  He said Imran showed agriculture income of Rs 23,50,000 but defaulted the agriculture tax by showing liabilities of five lakh rupees and thus “My Feudal Lord” defaulted in the agriculture tax.

He said Imran Khan’s income details also mentioned that he earned Rs 8.44 million through his foreign services. He raised question asking PTI chairman to clarify what services he has been providing to foreign countries while he himself is against business out of the country.

The Minister said Imran Khan played a role in damaging Nawaz Sharif’s economic agenda including his policy to end electricity shortage. He said Chinese President Xi Jinping was scheduled to visit Pakistan in the month of August, but serving the vested interests of foreign petroleum cartels, Imran Khan made the capital hostage. He said because of PTI sit-ins, the Chinese President had to postpone his visit and energy projects financed by China were delayed.

Rashid said documents also showed that Khan has cash-in-hand worth over Rs10 million which is unexplainable.

“Why Imran Khan sb. is holding such a huge amount as cash…why this amount isn’t in banks,” he said, adding this cash is in fact ‘black money.’

In a taunting tone, the Information Minister asked Imran Khan why he is keeping such a huge cash while in the present day what cannot be purchased with the help of credit and debit cards. He said Khan should also tell the nation when he would pay the agriculture tax and why he was keeping such a huge cash in his pocket.

Pervaiz Rashid also sent a cautionary note to Imran that he should remain careful about his pocket and people standing on his right

He later showed to journalists a short documentary on luxurious houses of Imran Khan at Bani Gala,Zaman Park Lahore and diplomatic  enclave Islamabad as well as his agricultural land in Bhakkar and Khanewal.


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